The Fiat

Fiat Voluntas Tua

The painting of “The Fiat” expresses, and takes us in a visual way to the summit of the Holy Trinity, and Our Blessed Mother’s most profound love of us. It is the depths of the Father’s love for humanity that brings us to His Son’s suffering and death on the cross, and this most intense love opens for us the gates of heaven. The “fiat” of God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and our Blessed Mother united as one to God the Father, changes everything. His Sacred Blood flowing freely from every part of Him sanctifies the earth and cleanses it from the sin of our first parents. The Most Holy Eucharist the gift of their “yes,” radiates from His Sacred and Eucharistic Heart. It is His gift of love, fulfilling His promise to remain with us until the end of time. The blood and water, the sacramental life of the church, is pouring forth from His side, but its origin is the piercing of His Sacred Heart. His Sacred Blood, the fountain of grace, is flowing into the hands of the Mediatrix and Distributix of all graces and from Her Immaculate Hands into the whole world.  Our Lady, so caught up in Her gaze upon Him, raises her hands in humble submission, and in complete surrender and abandonment to God the Father’s Most Holy Will. She is the perfect model of humility, obedience, and fidelity to God, with Her hands lifted high to accept every drop of suffering. She is the perfect one to lead us to Her Son. She is the Co-Redeemer crucified interiorly with Him. Her wounds united to His offered to the Father to save all of humanity. It is at the foot of the cross, the summit of the piercing of Her Immaculate Heart that she gives again her “fiat,” her “yes,” to be our mother, too.

Contemplate the souls coming and going thru the city gates. They depict the ingratitude of man to such a profound gift. They are like so many souls who are going their own will and their own way. They are oblivious to what is happening, being so caught up in their own desires that they miss completely what is taking place.

God the Father, hidden within the image of “The Fiat,” calls all of us, His children, to the summit of the spiritual life, which is to live His will in love, and brings to light the heart or center of this perfection, which is mercy, that fountain of love that flows freely from His pierced heart. To live His will in love and mercy is the key that opens the gates of heaven.

These are a few things to contemplate on the painting of “The Fiat”…

This image is crucified love… authentic love… a love that is empty of self and poured out for others. The two crucified together….redeemer and co-redeemer united as one to the Father and The Holy Spirit for the salvation of the world. Let us contemplate…what wonders God can do with a soul given completely over to Him. Let us ask God to give us the grace to empty ourselves of all worldly things and human desires so that we can be filled as they were with Him Alone.

Our Lady’s most holy hands raised in humble submission and surrender to The Father’s Most Holy Will…..willing accepting His Most Sacred Blood and Water flowing from His wounded side, but whose origin is found in the piercing of His Most Sacred Heart….Our Lady, the mediatrix and distributix of all graces receiving into her immaculate hands the sacramental life of the church, from the fountain from which all graces flow….let us spend time contemplating this great gift, the gift of Our Lady….and the gift of Our Lord who pours out His blood to redeem us….let us open our hearts to receive from the Father His great gift of love and mercy.  Let us ask God to give us the grace to live His Most Holy Will in union with them.

Contemplate the ingratitude of men that is written all over His body and pouring from every part of Him….it is as if He is saying…. will you console Me…..our only response is…Our Lord how can we console You…..and again it is as if He responds by saying that the souls gaze so full of love consoles Him. To gaze upon Him crucified with love…to gaze upon Him in the Holy Eucharist…..Let us ask God to  allow us to worthily receive Our Eucharistic Lord, to take Him into ourselves, and then go out to meet Him, to gaze upon Him hidden within the lost and forsaken. Hidden within those the world considers the least, to search and to find Him, our hidden Lord.

The most hidden part of the painting is His Most Beautiful Heart….the one heart in which two parts dwell, the Sacred and the Eucharistic. The eye can only see the fruits of His heart, the blood and the water flowing from His pierced heart, and the Eucharist, His most precious gift of love to the world, in which He fulfills His promise to not leave us orphans. The Sacred takes us in and immerses us in His love and mercy, and the Eucharistic feeds and nourishes our souls and sends us out into the world to pour forth that which we have received… Let us ask God for the grace to reverence and honor the heart of His Son, the heart of Christ…Let us go to Him to be bathed in the fountain of His Mercy flowing freely from His side and to be fed with His Most Precious Body and Blood.

The Good Angels are hidden within the image…..they are the ones who faithfully fulfill the will of God….they dwell so close to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit….so near Our Lady…ready at all times to carry out God’s commands…..Let us contemplate the Holy Angels who gaze upon the Father, let us ask them for their help and protection, and let us increase our devotion to them, especially our devotion to our guardian angel. Let us ask God for the grace to stay close to Him by staying close to the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist and Confession.

Even the sky shows forth the looming darkness of the handing over of the Son of Man…but…”the darkness could not cover the light…”- John 1:5

“The passion and Cross of Jesus cause fear, because they seem to be the negation of life.  In reality, it is exactly the contrary!  The cross is God’s “Yes” to mankind, the hightest and most intense expression of His love and the source from which flows eternal life”

  – Pope Benedict XVI