Will You Console Me

Will you console Me

Contemplate the ingratitude of men that is written all over His body and pouring from every part of Him….it is as if He is saying…. will you console Me…..our only response is…Our Lord how can we console You…..and again it is as if He responds by saying that the souls gaze so full of love consoles Him. To gaze upon Him crucified with love…to gaze upon Him in the Holy Eucharist…..Let us ask God to  allow us to worthily receive Our Eucharistic Lord, to take Him into ourselves, and then go out to meet Him, to gaze upon Him hidden within the lost and forsaken. Hidden within those the world considers the least, to search and to find Him, our hidden Lord.

…for even the King of Love had to first endure the crown of thorns, consisting of the mockery of humanities sins, with sharp points, jagged edges, entangled and woven together, penetrating His very being, piercing His skull, and opening before Him the thoughts of men, before wearing the glorious crown…John 1:11 “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.”

Suffering is Love’s embrace…the question is do we willingly and joyfully reach out and wrap our arms around Him, clasping the cross, embracing it, drawing it close to our breast, allowing it to penetrate and soften our hearts, hardened by sin.

For He whispers, “Love without expectations…” which is to love without limits, authentic love is limitless love, a love poured out…..

My God, make of my heart an altar, an altar of love where the Sacrificial Lamb comes to rest, wounded and wearied from His never ending pursuit of souls. Allow Him to find in me a humble, little place of refreshment, where His body so broken can be washed and caressed with my tears of love, and His wounds bandaged with my hands given in His service.

Thoughts come and go, but, “love never fails,”….it is by way of Love that the soul so enthralled with Him keeps continuous contact with Him, by keeping the eyes of its souls fixed at all times upon Him, entering into a deeper and deeper union by which He opens wider the window of the soul to the riches of Himself, taking the soul higher and higher, allowing it to penetrate the Divine Mysteries….the Mystery of Himself.